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Building an Atlatl in the tropics

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Building an Atlatl in the tropics
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11 thoughts on “Building an Atlatl in the tropics

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    1. Quick note on attempting to target something in the water; The water displaces the image so you should aim a little higher than your target. Dave Canterbury explains this in an episode of “Dual Survival” very well. 👍

  2. You could have hardened the spear by heating it next to a fire. Similar to what can be done with an arrow. Nice video, thanks for posting.

  3. Lily, I have the AP0-1 Trying to buy one for my step-son. Tells me the email address is invalid. When I try to set up a new account, it tells me the email address is already taken.

  4. Stamp your feet while walking sexy Lilly the snakes will feel the vibrations of you coming and should move out your way

  5. A lot of times, while I’m wading in a shallow river or stream, a large fish (24″ plus) will come very close to my legs, and not skitter off while I fish there.

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